Awesome Xero Accounting System For Your Business

Advancement of technology has revolutionized almost all aspects of business; accounting being a vital aspect of business has taken advantage of this technological advancement as well. Thousands of small business owners, large enterprises, and accountants are keen to take advantage of accounting software to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their business performance. Accounting software/solutions help businesses improve efficiency, make their accounting system accurate, generate instant report, and has dashboards option to monitor live data and make informed decisions. There is this feature of security of data!
If your business is in search of such cloud-based accounting and Bookkeeping software, particularly when your business is multi-currency, look no further than Xero accounting software. Xero has greater accessibility, multiple add on features to opt from, and the best cloud accounting software that automates almost every task of business accounting.
At Bookkeeping Pro services, we full pledge Xero Bookkeeping and accounting services from setting up companies to detailed financial statements analysis, covering all aspects of business accounting, such as bank connection, categorization, account payable management, account receivable management, multi-currency setup, reports, and dashboards generation.
BPS professionals make your bookkeeping look easy, efficient, and accurate along with affordability.

Why choose Xero accounting software

Bookkeeping Pro Services
Bank connection

Connect your bank to Xero and set up bank. Transactions will download securely straight into Xero each business day.

Bookkeeping Pro Services
Cloud-based accounting accessibility from everywhere:

Never be late on your key dates and work from your comfort place track Project

Bookkeeping Pro Services

Track your finances with accurate accounting reports. And collaborate with your advisor online in real-time

Bookkeeping Pro Services
Invoices generation

Generate Invoices, and send that with an online payment option Inventory management Manage inventory, and track stock efficiently with Xero

Bookkeeping Pro Services

Enjoy payment and receipts in 160 foreign currencies and multicurrency accounting

Bookkeeping Pro Services

Support 800 plus third-party app integration

Xero Accounting Services with Bookkeeping services look easy

Specialized professional at Bookkeeping Pro Services helps clients with Xero accounting software providing Bookkeeping solutions based on business industry and processes. We know the shortcoming and usefulness of Xero and will guide you better plan what your business need. We have channelized bookkeeping and accounting of various clients from different industries. BPS professionals believe in quality service, value to money, efficient and accurate services.

Summarizing our Twelve years of industry and Xero experience and deliverables:

1. Guiding plan and initial setup

Our professional bookkeepers and accountants will guide you right plan and setup so that maximize utilization and efficiency of Xero accounting software.

2. Possible shift/Migration

Our team with rich accounting and finance background will migrate your data from current accounting solution to Xero without risk of data loss.

3. Reports, Analysis and dashboards

Looking into vital figure for financial health is big edge for every organization. We will provide you with customize reports and dashboards that visualize the figure telling story and ready for decision making.

Accounting Software Xero For Various Industry

We have professional team having specialty in almost all industry. We provide specialize accounting and bookkeeping services depending upon industry and business processes. We are available for consultation for any query regarding regarding Xero setup to multicurrency adjustment. We have experience of managing client book through xero ranging from brik and mortar store to ecommerce and emerging crypto. We offer services in all below mentioned industries but are not limited to:

Bookkeeping Pro Services Bookkeeping Pro Services
Hotel and Hospitality

Hotel, coffee shops, restaurants even people working on Airbnb etc.

Bookkeeping Pro Services Bookkeeping Pro Services

Freelancers, Artists, actors, musicians, graphic designers and copywriters.

Bookkeeping Pro Services Bookkeeping Pro Services

Trucking companies, shipping and delivery services, and more.

Bookkeeping Pro Services Bookkeeping Pro Services
Professional Services

Marketing, IT and development, video production, management services and architects.

Bookkeeping Pro Services Bookkeeping Pro Services
Building Maintence

Construction and Building Maintenance - electricians, plumbers, contractors, interior decorators

Bookkeeping Pro Services Bookkeeping Pro Services
Real Estate

Real estate agents, brokers and resellers. property owners and rental property managers.

Bookkeeping Pro Services Bookkeeping Pro Services
Security Services

Companies providing security and Guard patrol services Guard patrol services

Bookkeeping Pro Services Bookkeeping Pro Services
Ecommerce & Retail

Amazon, eBay, Shopify Etsy independent stores even people selling goods on Small shops.

What plan suit your business need

If you are a new business or in early stage this plan suit you. This plans allowed you to generate 5 bills and 20 invoices. Best for small business as well with limited invoices and bills.


This plan is sutible for you

  • New business
  • Having 5 bills and 20 invoices.


This plan is sutible for you

  • Growing startups
  • Multiple Bills
  • Multiple invoices


This plan is sutible for you

  • Established business and large organization
  • Payroll and contractor payment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Xero is cloud-based accounting solution that helps businesses manage the books of accounts. It comes with many amazing features such invoicing, payroll, automated bank feed, integration etc