A2x Accounting Solution for eBay Sellers

eBay /eCommerce Business Problems

Running an eBay or any other eCommerce store is a bit technical as eCommerce is a new form of retail every technological advancement brings some level of complexity with itself. 

It has characterized by the multiple payment processing channels and no of transactions each day. You have to deal with a lot of transactions in a single day, besides product hunting, marketing, and managing to finance.

eBay support various payments processing platform such as:

So it makes it more time-consuming and confusing. But to manage your financial records properly in place you need accuracy and clarity.

The A2X accounting summarizes the settlement reports and matches them with expenses on an accrual basis and then posts summaries journals in your accounting software.

Here are the accounting software that eBay stores with your accounting software:

  1. QuickBooks

  2. Xero

  3. Sage

Whether you are a veteran e-commerce entrepreneur or a newbie you need to have a proper and channelized accounting system in place.

Proper scouting and bookkeeping are vital for the health of financial figures ultimately for eCommerce stores.

If you are running an eBay seller then you are more likely to have a hectic routine. Interacting with suppliers and buyers and looking after your amazon e-commerce store.

Multiple Payments, Marketing, and Financing Channels

Ecommerce businesses are known to have a lot of transactions in a single day. 

There are multiple payout methods such as:

  • PayPal

  • amazon pays

  • Google pay

  • Stripe

  • Bank payment

  • Credit card payments

similarly, there are also financing plans that fund your e-commerce store and provide urgent liquidity and then the payments from these channels are clear through that financing platforms after deductions of their interest and installments such as Ampla.

The problem is that you have to hire an online bookkeeper and accountant and virtual assistant.

The amount of work they will be doing hourly while dealing with so many transactions, their charges will increases so you will have to give a lot in the payroll of subcontractor payments if you have outsourced it. You need the easiest possible solution for it, to maximize efficiency and cut costs.

Possible Solution

A2x is the best possible solution for the problem identified, you can integrate your amazon store with the A2x and the rest of the work is done through A2X. 

According to the A2X website; “Fixing accounting mistakes costs time and money. A2X leaves no room for error, posting your clients' eCommerce sales and fees into Xero, QuickBooks, or Sage in tidy summaries that reconcile to the payments they have received.”

Integration and Mapping

You can integrate your eBay store with your accounting software through the A2X accounting solution. A2x accounting provides the best possible solution for eBay sellers as they have multiple payment processing platforms and they all be integrated into single accounting software with accuracy. 

A2X accounting integration of the eBay store with Xero and Quickbooks is the easiest solution to automate the selling, payouts, and accounting.

                 This can be best explained through the pictures below

                                     Pictures source A2x

Mapping eBay Store with Accounting Software:

To integrate the eBay store with the A2x accounting solution you have to do mapping; mapping is the predetermined rule you set for the route.

For example, if your sale to your customer through the eBay store and the payment is received half through PayPal and there is a PayPal fee for the transactions.

You have to mention the route how payment is received and what will be the fee for the transaction the A2X accounting automation system will thus make a journal entry, in this way the A2X accounting system automates your eBay sale and accounting software integration.

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