How to Know It’s Time for Your Small Business to Outsource Accounting

Small business owners manage a lot of things by themselves. They have to take care of the business operation, marketing, payables, receivables, and many other accounting, financing, operational, and marketing aspects.


If you are a small business owner, you probably have a busy schedule because taking care of everything all alone it is one of the best bookkeeping ideas to outsource accounting.


To keep track of financial health you must take accounting and bookkeeping seriously to manage a business properly and never fall short of deadlines and receive payments on time. This is the best strategy to have control over cash flows.


So, accounting is an important aspect of your business that must be taken care of; it is important if you're not complying with accounting and bookkeeping records and tax laws and GAAP and IFRS you should outsource accounting functions to professionals.


5 Signs It’s the right time to Outsource your small business Accounting


1.      In-house Accounting Takes Up Too Many Resources


Small businesses don't have the luxury to have access to resources and all departments in-house like large businesses. The workload small business owners have is immense. They don't have the resources to have all departments. 


Accounting is a necessary part of business operations to keep track of all records of income and expenses and to comply with tax laws. You might be a small business owner trying to figure out how to pay yourself or, you simply can’t quite get a handle on the difference between bookkeeping and accounting. So, you need to outsource accounting and bookkeeping.


Maintaining the right accounting records demands a lot of resources whether it's time or finance.

If you are an in-house employee or spending a lot of resources on accounting duties like accounts payable, accounts receivable payroll, and business taxes, it is the best time to outsource accounting.


2.      Your business is Experiencing problems in Payroll processing so outsource accounting


Payroll processing is vital because of employees' value to the organization as well as compliance with laws. There is a lot to manage in payroll, withholding tax, and employee benefits. 


There should be multiple categories such as contractor subcontractors and statutory employees. If you're facing an issue with processing payroll on time it might be an indication to outsource your payroll.


Priorities shift and unexpected events occur, it is a reality for every business. So, there’s always a risk of missing out on something.


If your business is struggling to keep track of the details and has a problem with payroll processing, it may be time to consider outsourced bookkeeping. In addition to processing payroll, bookkeepers can offer a valuable set of skills that keep your finances on track.


3.      Your Business Is Growing Too Fast to Keep Up with Its Accounting Needs


If you have adopted a business growth strategy for the past few years and you have successfully achieved the goal of growing a business.


Amid business growth, you need more staff i-e more employees and more subcontractors, more finances and loans so you have to manage a lot. 


That in-house accounting and bookkeeping would take up a lot of resources; this might be an indicator that you should outsource accounting process.


4.      Diversification needs outsourcing accounting 


If you have the plan to offer new products or services, because of diversification you’ll probably be dealing with new vendors as well. Complying with business taxes and state taxes can take more resources for a business with rapid growth. 


Unless you have access to resources to manage your finances, the risk of misstatement and tax compliance increases significantly. Outsourcing the accounting department can give you space to work toward growth.


5.      Cost associated with in-house accounting departments


If you have opted to maintain accounting in-house it will cost a lot of resources, time as well as finances.  You will have to pay a lot of overheads associated with the accounting department. Be it overhead or direct cost, relatively if you outsource to an external accountant and bookkeeper, it costs less as you are not supposed to pay payroll but a monthly or yearly subcontractor fee.


Moreover, the professional outsource accountant and bookkeeper will save you a lot of money in payroll and overheads and also, and he will bring years of experience to support your accounting function and will help you in making decisions. Over the years working with outsource accountant and bookkeeper will help you translate your business goals into monetary aspects and will help you achieve your financial goals.


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